Medicare For All Basics

Some basic questions answered about Medicare for All

Are you unclear about what Medicare for All is and how it makes health care and prescription drugs available to all without any cost worries? These Medicare for All Explained podcasts answer those questions and discuss other benefits that Medicare for All provide.

Episode 1: Medicare For All, An Overview – This episode explains the basics of Medicare for All and why we need it.

Episode 8: The Economics of Health Care, Part 1: The Problem – Our Current Health Care System Is Unaffordable – Prof. Gerald Friedman discusses why our current health care system is not affordable, and the great economic harm caused by our current healthcare system.

Episode 9: The Economics of Health Care, Part 2: The Solution – Medicare for All – Prof. Friedman explains how Medicare for All will make health care affordable and available to all.

Episode 15: A Revelation – Stephanie Nakajima tells her personal story on how she became a supporter of Medicare for All.

Episode 28: Racial Inequities in Health Care – Dr. Susan Rogers explains what racial inequities Medicare for All will solve and the ones it won’t. 

Episode 48: Covid and Racial Inequities – Dr. Susan Rogers explains how Covid exposed racial inequities under our current healthcare system.

Episode 19: How Do We Meet the Needs of People Who Need Mental Health Services? Poorly! – Psychiatrist Leslie Gise, MD, explains why our current healthcare system fails people who need mental health services and how Medicare for All can help.

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